Monday, February 28, 2011


You know that show, Say Yes to the Dress?
Well, for kicks and giggles I decided to pretend to be engaged and go try on this wedding dress that I've been looking at in an Allyse's Bridal catalog and wondering what it would look like on me.


I'm not even joking, the moment I had it on I nearly cried. I just could not stop gushing about it, and how much I loved it. It has everything I want, TO A T. The Queen Anne neckline is perfect, as is the line created by the jacket. It fits beautifully, making me look skinny (I know, I am, but still) and it has the perfect amount of train. It's not TOO girly but it's not too boring either.

I'm serious, it's perfect. And I want it so bad. I'm trying to figure out a way to get my daddy to buy it for me now before they stop making it, because hey, it's perfect, and it will be one less expense come real wedding time. It's got the One Ring's chance in Mount Doom of actually working, but hey, worth a try.

It's just.... perfect. And I just thought you should know.

*DISCLAIMER - I am not engaged. I don't even have a boyfriend, or a potential boyfriend! I was just curious as to what I look like in white...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


So... I leave in like, less than seven hours and I am completely, 100%, NOT PACKED. In fact, my room is still a huge mess. And what did I do today? Sat around and played Oblivion. In my hugely messy room. With my packing list staring me in my face.

This is so bad.

But I'm also really excited, because the forecast for Thursday (Disneyland day) is mostly sunny. And yes, I do mean the forecast in Anaheim. I'm not stupid.

On a side note, I really miss Brandon. And not even necessarily my boyfriend. I just miss having him around. It's been so weird, I haven't seen him since he broke up with me. That's like, the first time in a waaaaaaay long time. It's just weird. He was such a huge part of my life. But now I realize that he pretty much WAS my social life. Yikes. I think that's what always happens to me. I've never really had a legitimate social life, because when I have a boyfriend, he is everything, and as soon as he's gone, I feel like a loser until the next one comes along. And the vicious cycle continues. Until NOW. No boyfriend until after la mission! (Yeah, like three years. The longest time period since I was FIFTEEN.) Yes, it's going to be hard. But I'm going to be so much better for it.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


The special day.

Today I slept in until noon, played Oblivion until eight, then showered, watched 3 episodes of 2 different shows [Traffic Light = hilarious], made cookie dough, and ate most of said cookie dough. And, admittedly, Justin Bieber is pretty talented. But I like it better when someone else sings his stuff.

But hey, at least I showered.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I figured it out. I'm so freaking bored of life and everything about it. When I'm bored, I sleep. Hence why I've been sleeping so much.
And I have no idea how to make myself become un-bored. That scares me.

You know what else? Without Brandon, I don't have a social life. None. Zip. Zero. That scares me too. As much as I love being alone and listening to music and playing Oblivion (which I admittedly can't right now because it has a glitch) it's weird and kind of sucks to suddenly not have at least one someone to hang out with. Yuck, I hate this feeling.

On a good note though, last night I went to the Pendulum concert. :O Ahhhhhhhmazing. Rob Swire is so attractive and such a talented vocalist. And it was so great to just dance around to incredible music and forget about life for awhile. Sigh.

I just need to un-bore myself. And it's WAY harder than it sounds.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So... I know I just barely told the world that Brandon and I are dating, buuuuuuut we're not anymore. Yes, I'm sad. No, I'm not mad.
There is a lot of logic behind his reasoning, and a lot of truth and wisdom. I'm really proud of him, actually.
And, maybe, just maybe, I can actually be friends with him. I want to. Because let's face it, I really do love him, but I love his personality, and that doesn't change whether or not I'm his girlfriend or just his BFF. He was my BFF before... pretty sure he can be my BFF again. Just subtract the hand holding (which I admittedly wasn't a huge fan of in public anyway) and the kissing (which I WILL miss, but there is more than just one amazing kisser in the world) and we're pretty much back to where we were, only we know each other better and we care about each other more deeply.
And even I will admit that the amount of time we spent together was very unproductive for both of us, and we are both at a point where we need to focus on school. And I need to focus on a mission, not boys.

But boys/men, here is a warning.
Brandon was and still is the best guy I've ever dated or had the pleasure of spending lots of time with. He is smart, funny, sensitive, patient, strong, loving, sweet, caring, honest... he's just great. Throw in a dash of 'more my style', strain out the hunting, and you pretty much have Mr. Perfect.
Bon courage.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I miss my tannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. :(
It makes me want to cry when I look at my nasty pasty face. And hands. Everything else I keep covered up, because I hate looking at it.
I miss my pool. I miss my job. I miss doing yoga at thirty five feet in the air. I miss getting to climb every day. But mostly I just miss my tan. My melanin is one of the few things I actually like about myself. Yeah, sad, I know.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Just as a little side note, and perhaps to counter my undying cynicism, I do like cuteness.

So when Brandon 'surprised' me with blueberries... um, way better than chocolates.
And the flowers weren't too bad either. The thought behind them was adorable.
Or the fact that he shaved.
And wore my favorite shirt (of his. A straight man who looks good in a v-neck? YES!).

Brandon = winner.

PS Mom, yes, he is my boyfriend. Yes, I like him a lot. No, I do not like his profile picture right now. (Dead things... grossssssssss.) But other than that, he's definitely the best one yet.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Here it goes, my ramble.

I think Valentine's Day is the STUPIDEST holiday ever. Like, seriously? We need a specific day to show people we care? It's essentially just a giant excuse for the ignorant men of the world to snatch that last tiny scrap of romance and make their equally ignorant (or sometimes not-so-ignorant and not-so-impressed) wives think that they are still the wonderfully charming men they married.


Like, seriously? Chocolates and roses on a day where EVERY GREETING CARD COMPANY IN THE WORLD is drilling into your head that if you don't buy her chocolates and roses you will be eternally scorned? Yeah, right! If my future husband gives me chocolates and roses on Valentine's Day, he's spending the night on the couch for lack of originality. Seriously. Valentine's Day spawns an enormous lack of creativity and thoughtfulness in the male gender. Oh and don't even get me started on jewelry. So, you spent 500 bucks on a necklace that I'll probably only wear once to make you feel good when you KNOW I need a new saddle? Gee, thanks babe.

Perhaps it's because I am just so not a romanticist, but I think that the hearts and the roses and the candles and everything else are completely gag-able. If you want to be ROMANTIC, do something out of the ordinary, not only from your own perspective, but from the perspective of commercial America. I'm not even going to tell you what that is, because if I do, it won't be your idea. But here's a hint: Do something out of character. I'm not saying go buy me that new saddle, although that would admittedly be a million times romantic to me than a necklace. More than a million. A bajizillion. Yeah, I can't even count how many zeros that is. I'm saying do something that will make me think 'Oh my goodness, where did I find this absurdly perfect man?!' Another hint: buying me chocolate/roses/jewelry will NOT make me think you are perfect. Or anything close to that. It will probably be a thought more along the lines of 'Ugh, seriously? I thought I married someone different from the cattle-like mass of men buying stupid greeting cards and roses.' Sorry, but it's the truth.

And if you feel you really MUST give me chocolates and roses, do it on September 14th. But I would recommend steering clear of Jared. Or the letter K. Always.

Monday, February 7, 2011


It's almost certainly one of my favorite things in the world. I am terrible at it because I am incredibly UN-flexible, but I just love the feeling of dedicating a certain amount of time to zoning out of the world and forgetting about literally everything but my own breathing, my body, and the voice of whoever is guiding me. Usually it's Rodney. He's the bomb.
Anyway... just thought you should know that I'm still alive.

I've created another blog.
I know, I know, I know. But this blog is meant to be more of an outlet for my silliness. This blog is going to be about my actual life, and quiet thoughtful musings and such.

May I just say that balance is hard to find? Oh, and I love Ray LaMontagne. Be Here Now.