Thursday, March 15, 2012


BESTERN CUP. Get ready.

So I was going to write this way long post, but I decided that if you guys want a novel, you'll ask for one.

I sum up.

1. Chris and I are RIDIC cute. Seriously. One person whose opinion I value claimed we're cuter than the couple that is renowned to be the cutest couple in Quidditch. Yeah. Suck it.
2. My team was incredible to me, even though they totally blew me away on the pitch. Seriously, I was so outclassed. But it was an honor to play with them. They all were really nice to me and took really great care of me, a few in particular. (Cedar... Kelly... Ross...) And check out those awesome uniforms. SO SICK.
3. I of course can't forget to mention my newest best friend, Santiago. He plays keeper for the Lost Boys, and I dunno what it was, but we clicked like you wouldn't believe. Seriously, I have never met anyone that I connected with SO WELL SO QUICKLY. Even Chris. I wish someone had gotten a picture of us hugging, because it happened a lot, and Santi hugs are legitimately THE BEST EVER.

4. Getting to see all of my amazing Quidditch friends, some for the second time, some for the first. I love them all SO FREAKING MUCH.

5. Playing tons of Quidditch. Watching tons of Quidditch. Quidditch Quidditch Quidditch.

6. Having the incredibly talented Monica Wheeler take some beast shots of me playing. She took all of them but the first. (She also snagged the cute one of me and Chris.)

This last one is a close up from the brooms up shot. Can I just say BAD ASS?

7. Being arguably the most awesome and supportive girlfriend on the planet. I didn't miss a single Fliers match, and I'm becoming famous for being the girl who repeatedly shouted, "THAT'S MY MAN!" when Chris scored a super sick breakaway goal. (It was so incredibly hot! Seriously.) And everyone definitely knows how I feel about my man.
8. Awesome road trip there and back. Getting lost, learning how to be a California driver, talking about everything from how I think penises are gross to college baseball... Even though we didn't get home until 6am on Tuesday morning, it was a blast. I'm a huge fan, and I'm already looking forward to our Cinco de Mayo Cup road trip! Yeah baby!!!

9. My tan lines.
10. Everything else I forgot to mention that I'm positive was just as awesome. <3

An addition... I heart you Monica!

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